Our Done-For-You Plans


Great for Individual Professionals
$ 1500
/ Monthly
  • Access to Our Intuitive Software
  • Sales Navigator Compatibility
  • CRM Integrations
  • Extensive Inbox Management Tools
  • Connection Request Automation
  • Messaging Sequences
  • Initial Campaign Setup
  • Team Management Capabilities
  • Tech Support
  • Full Access to Tutorial Videos


Ideal for Small Businesses
$ 2500
/ Monthly
  • Bi-weekly Meeting with Our Team
  • Unlimited Product Support
  • Full LinkedIn Optimization
  • All Campaign Copy by Our Team
  • Searches Managed by Our Team
  • Canned Answer Implementation
  • Tutorial on API/CRM Integrations
  • Pipeline Enabled with Tutorials
  • Calendar Booking Detection
  • Our Team Manages Your Inbox

You can cancel any time before your term is over. Secure payments are done via credit card or ACH and are processed via Stripe.

Grow Your Personal Brand

Optimize your profile and shine like a ROCKSTAR in your niche!

Increase Your Authority

We pre-sell to your ideal prospects BEFORE you even meet them.

Generate a Consistent Flow

There has never been a BETTER TIME to grow your business with new prospects.
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Cloud-based (Very Safe)

Multiple Campaign Types

Works with Free LinkedIn

Best with Sales Navigator

Full Profile Optimization

All Campaign Copy by Our Team

Task Management/Searches by Our Team

Canned Answer Implementation

Conversations Labeled and Organized

Bi-weekly Meeting with Our Team

In-platform Messaging

Comprehensive Proprietary Blacklist

Integrated Calendar Verification

Multiple Contact Pipelines

API and Zapier Integration

Bi-weekly Meetings with Our Specialists

Integrated SMS and Calling

Seamlessly Email Contacts

Assisted API Integrations

Customized Personal Calendar

Weekly Reporting & Strategy

Optimized Data Share Access

All Inbox Responses Managed

More Standard Features

Activity Log

Auto Withdraw Pending Invites

Bulk Messaging

Bulk Invite

Canned Personalized Messages

Clone Campaigns

Edit or Delete Message Templates

Edit Contact Info

Export 1st Connections

Export Campaign Data

Export Saved Search Lists

Individual IP Addresses

Interactive Inbox

Label Contacts and Messages

Pause Sequences

Reply Detection

Resume Sequence

Search by Tags

Unlimited Campaigns

Write Notes to Your Contacts

Have any Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions below.

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Do I need to use Sales Navigator?

It will help get the best possible results, but it isn't needed. However, LinkedIn raises the threshold for permitted activity for Sales Navigator accounts, so you will be able to send more messages and connection requests if your profile is connected to a Sales Navitagor account.

How many LinkedIn profiles can I manage with Sales Connector?

You can manage as many profiles as you want. Just choose the appropriate plan size for your needs.

How do automated messages work?

Whether you are contacting someone from your network or sending a connection request, it is always a good idea to include a personalized message for a better response rate. Setting up a welcome message to be sent soon after connecting is a good way to get the conversation going. Another follow-up a few days later if there is no reply significantly increases your response rate. If your new contact from a Connector Campaign sends you a message, automated messages will be stopped.

How many prospects can I target from a Sales Navigator Search?

While you may create a search that returns thousands of results, LinkedIn will only show you the first 2500. So we recommend you narrow your searches down to 2500 people or less, otherwise Sales Connector will only pull in the first 2500. This is a preferred strategy regardless, as it encourages you to create more precisely targeted campaigns and messaging.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time by contacting us through our contact page here. There are no long term commitments or contracts with Sales Connector.

What variables are supported in connection requests and messages?

Prospect Maximizer invitations to connect and messages currently support four variables: {firstName}, {lastName}, {companyName} and {title}, though it is highly suggested that you only use firstName, as the rest are often not colloquial.

Can I endorse contacts?

Sales Connector's endorsement feature will allow you to endorse the top skill for a prospect. LinkedIn only allows you to endorse skills for first degree connections, so you must be connected to be able to do this.